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Arrest the signs of aging

With Celergen's Synergistic blend of BIO DNA Marine Complex

How does it work?

Celergen’s extraordinary proven ability to revitalize cells in your body and thwart the aging process is because of its uniquely powerful combination of bioactive ingredients. Produced using Swiss Proprietary Cold Extraction Technology, Celergen is enteric coated while its bioactive ingredients are chemically bound to peptides which escort its micronutrients across the intestinal barrier into the blood.

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex, the most potent ingredient in Celergen, is an all-natural product obtained from marine species living in pollution-free, deep ocean waters. Clinical studies show that Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex has the following health benefits:

Banishes old-age pains - Has proven effective to alleviate back, hip and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis

Slows down cellular aging – Counteracts damage caused by free radical attacks on DNA, proteins and enzymes, extending the life span of cells throughout your body

Enhances vitality – Improves stamina during workouts and speeds up recuperation afterwards

Boosts energy levels – Leads to a noticeable reduction in overall physical and mental fatigue

Improves mood and quality of life – Lightens symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as improves sleep quality

Increases brain function – Enhances memory and sharpens mental concentration

Extracted using Celergen’s proprietary Swiss Cold-Process DNA Extraction Technology, the original structures of both DNA and essential proteins in Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex have been retained, along with its many diverse health benefits. As Dr. Juan Remos, founder of the Wellness Institute of the Americas based in Miami explains:

“Typical extraction methods use heat, which destroys proteins and, along with it, many of the benefits. The cold process keeps all those benefits intact. Our bodies are constantly trying to repair themselves by reproducing and revitalizing cells. The key to the success of Celergen is that it packages proteins in such a way that they easily enter the blood stream and the brain, thereby triggering enhanced cell activity.”


Peptide E Collagen, another of Celergen’s essential ingredients, is made up of all-natural collagen and elastin peptides in the same proportions as that of human skin. As Dr. Uzzie Weiss, founder of the Beverley Hills Anti-Aging Center for Men and Women states:

“The peptides in Celergen go directly to the skin and this is where most of my patients notice an immediate and pronounced difference. Their skin looks healthier and seems to have a certain glow about it.”

Clinical studies show that Peptide E Collagen has the following health benefits:

Younger, glowing skin – Lifts and tones loose skin and protects it against environmental damage, minimizing apparent lines and wrinkles within days.

Helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis damage – Helps prevent progressive destruction to cartilage and other joint structures seen in rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain relief in fibromyalgia – Actively repress pain transmission and lowers levels of inflammatory factors inside joints; also allows collagen fibers to reform, improving the condition of cartilage. Easily absorbed by the body, its ability to accumulate in cartilage makes Peptide E Collagen an effective tool in helping combat the damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Hydro MN Peptide, the third of Celergen’s essential ingredients, is a marine cartilage extract that contains a mix of hydrolyzed proteins (mainly Collagen) and polysaccharides (35-40% chondroitin sulfate.)
Clinical studies show that Hydro MN Peptide has the following health benefits:

Delays skin aging  – Protects against UV radiation and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and dilated capillaries.

Maintains skin tone – Significantly improves the skin’s moisture balance, maintains texture and elasticity.

Protects against osteoarthritis damage – Promotes the natural rebuilding of cartilage and other joint structures damaged by osteoarthritis.

Improves joint mobility and reduces pain – Combines three natural components – chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen – proven to be effective and safe in the long-term alleviation of symptoms related to osteoarthritis. Easily absorbed by the body, Hydro MN Peptide is equally beneficial for both the skin and cartilage.


Most supplements are manufactured using intense heat which destroys health-promoting micronutrients – which is why Celergen is produced using Swiss Proprietary Cold Extraction Technology, eliminating all intense heat steps to retain the highest degree of bioactivity and potency and ensuring that the chemical integrity of Celergen is not compromised.

Celergen is also fortified with special double-enteric coated soft gels and strengthened by superior Anti-Reflux Technology to prevent stomach digestion and ensure that the active ingredients and micronutrients are released only in the small intestines for potent and effective absorption.

Not every nutrient you swallow is absorbed by your body. The bioactive ingredients of Celergen have been chemically bound to peptides, which escort the micronutrients across the intestinal barrier into the blood.

Finally, Celergen is manufactured by Swiss Caps, Switzerland with an outstanding certification and accreditation – which is why Celergen Oral Cell Therapy Supplements are just as effective as injectable Celergen Cell Therapy, at only a fraction of the cost.

For more information see our Clinical Studies section.

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