October 26, 2017
Celergen: Caring for Your Joints

Joint pain can be caused by several different factors; however, there are a number of things you can do to prevent or alleviate the pain from physical therapy to cell therapy. Your joints connect your bones and support your weight through all the movements you go through in your life. They’re designed to deal with […]

July 31, 2018
Celergen and Weight Loss

Are you finding it hard to hit your target weight that you set as your New Year’s resolution? It could be because of problems with your glycemic index. Celergen contains properties that fight a high glycemic index and is therefore a natural method of fighting against the problems associated with it. The glycemic index is […]

Female Beauty - flower in hand
April 22, 2019
Keep Your Skin Soft, Supple and Radiant

The skin is our first layer of defense from the surrounding environment so it tends to age faster than the other organs in our body. Whether it’s prolonged exposure to the Sun’s radiation or daily confrontation with increasing pollution – our skin takes on the damage. Without proper care, this damage can become permanent. Not […]

October 30, 2017
Celergen: Cell Therapy for the Body and the Mind

Celergen is a potent Non-Injectable Swiss Cell Therapy Treatment that stimulates our own natural healing powers to trigger the repair and rejuvenation of cells by providing biologically active micronutrients and essential nutrition at the cellular level, boosting the production of proteins and enzymes. When it comes to prevention, the focus is always on the body. […]

July 31, 2018
Celergen and Your Immune System

Celergen isn’t just about beauty. It’s about your entire body operating at its optimal best, and your immune system is a part of it. Your immune system is what keeps you from getting the sniffles or a cough that could adversely affect your work or business. With the weather being as fickle as it is, […]

May 7, 2019
How Celergen Helps Elevate Your Mood?

Looking for a renewed sense of satisfaction in your daily activities and social interactions? Celergen can be the key. If you are feeling sad, unmotivated and lethargic for no apparent reason – you may be experiencing an episode of mild depression. In the early stages – symptoms of mild depression are often indistinguishable from our […]

November 27, 2017
Celergen’s Cell Therapy and Tips for a Glowing Complexion

We’ll do anything to keep our skin healthy and wrinkle free, from home beauty tips to Cell therapy.

October 29, 2018
Reach the Pinnacle of Youth: How Celergen Harnesses Youth from the Inside

What are the secrets to looking young, feeling energetic, and appearing timeless? Many believe to turn back the years, they need to go under the knife. Truth be told, it doesn’t have to be. To become the best version of yourself, you don’t need surgery, instead, you need to subscribe to the lifestyle in which […]

May 7, 2019
What is Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive Healthcare is the practice of disease prevention rather than treatment. Typically we do not seek a doctor unless we catch a cold, have a fever or need emergency medical attention. Preventive Medicine is different – it aims to protect the body from contracting diseases in the first place. Using an analogy, preventive medicine is […]

November 30, 2017
Celergen, the Glycemic Index, and What you can do to lower it

If you combine a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet with Celergen, not only are your risks for multiple health disorders significantly lowered, but you’ll find yourself with less stress living a rich and fulfilling life.