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Boost Your Stamina and Enhance Your Performance Naturally
May 29, 2017

Do you ever find yourself lacking energy or feeling exhausted after a normal workout? Do you wish for more stamina and faster recovery for better performance?

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Athletes are not strangers to long, demanding workouts that levy a tax on their bodies and minds. The difference between athletes and people who exercise recreationally is that they know how to fuel and prepare for these workouts.

These 7 superfoods are integral to the diet of any athlete.

  1. Bananas – With their high potassium and vitamin B6 content, bananas regulate digestion, maintain low blood sugar, and help refill your body with electrolytes after exercise.
  2. Chia Seeds – People generally associate Chia seeds with being nutrient dense and all the beneficial properties that come with that, but few know how they are even more useful for athletes. With the ability to absorb more than 12 times their weight in water, the seeds help to retain moisture and regulate the body’s absorption of nutrients, which allows the body to stay hydrated for longer.
  3. Kale – This member of the cabbage family contains high amounts of vitamins: A, K, B6, calcium, and iron. With carotenoids and flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants, kale is able to regulate the inflammatory process of the body.
  4. Oatmeal – Known as one of the most nourishing foods for the body, oatmeal is rich in vitamin B, minerals, and antioxidants. It provides a continual release of energy because of being high in complex carbohydrates, high in soluble fiber content, great as a source of protein, and also having a low glycemic index.
  5. Salmon – The ruler of all fish, Salmon contains large amounts of high quality protein, though one of the most important thing for athletes is salmon’s ability to help reduce inflammation.
  6. Sweet Potatoes – The potatoes unappreciated younger brother, sweet potatoes are an important food for athletes because of their high mineral and vitamin content. The copper and manganese found in them are especially important for healthy muscle function in athletes.
  7. Walnuts – These super nuts have anti-inflammatory nutrients which are great for bone health. Not only that, but they have also been proven to be great for a healthy heart and provide an energizing on-the-go snack.

Each of these superfoods are easy to find and prepare for consumption, but sometimes people feel that they aren’t enough or aren’t getting the job done. This is when people look towards nutritional supplements to help, if you will, supplement their diets.  The issue is, not all the nutrients that you swallow are absorbed by your body. This is where Celergen has your back.

“At my age, I had grown accustomed to having to mix up my workout regimen to allow for recovery from one day to the next as I am more than 50. Now I can do a full-blown hour-long workout, come back the next day and do it all over again. Celergen has me believing that I’m a 20-year-old in terms of my libido. It has definitely increased my performance. It is really the only product out there that is capable of addressing a multitude of areas.”
Michael George (Celebrity Personal Trainer)

The benefits you can expect from taking Celergen:

  • Boosted energy and enhanced stamina
  • Fast recovery from workouts and physical exertions
  • Improved performances and results

Professional athletes are always wary of what they put into their bodies and cannot afford to undergo surgical procedures for cell renewal. Not only is Celergen a non-injectable cell therapy, it is also Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) approved and is certified drug-free for professionals and elite athletes. This means that Celergen does not contain stimulants, hormones, contaminants, or additives.

 “The first thing I noticed was that I was able to recover a lot quicker from my workouts… a huge boost to my training regimen because it allows me to work harder without a drop-off in energy and really take it to the next level.”
Curtis Mitchell (IAAF World Championship 200m Bronze Medallist)

Do you need more stamina and enhanced performance? Combine the list of foods we listed with taking Celergen, and you’ll see positive results in no time.



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