How Celergen Eliminates Dull Skin
February 6, 2019

The sun can both be your skin’s friend and enemy. The sun gives you plenty of vitamin D but too much sun exposure can be equally detrimental. Too much exposure saps the skin’s hydration and depletes its healthy oils. Harmful UV rays can burn the skin layers and alter the skin’s molecular integrity, making it more easily damaged resulting in premature skin aging. Many doctors also recommend taking care of your skin to prevent the onset of skin cancer.

What happens to your skin when it receives too much sun exposure?

Sunburn: This is one of the most common skin injuries when the skin’s exposed to the sun for a prolonged period. Mild sunburn turns the skin red and becomes painful to the touch. Sunburn can happen to anyone and it’s not limited to only light-skinned people. In severe cases of sunburns, tiny fluid-filled bumps or large blisters can form.

Dry Skin: Your skin becomes exceptionally dry, flaky, and causes wrinkling. This can happen in young people.

Collagen Damage: On a more serious scale, too much sun can rearrange the molecular integrity of collagen which leads to photoaging (premature skin aging). Collagen is what keeps the skin smooth and firm. So, when UV radiation damage collagen fibers, deep lines and wrinkles form. Chronic sun exposure can also weaken the skin’s underlying connective tissues which is one of the most common cause for actinic purpura. A condition that causes the skin to become easily bruised and discolored even after the skin is healed.

Actinic Keratosis: This skin condition is characterized by tiny bumps with scaly texture that feels like sandpaper and expresses a yellow, red, pink, or brown hue. They appear over areas where the skin is subjected to long-term UV exposure. The bumps do not go away over time and need special treatment by a professional. Approximately 10-15% of all actinic keratosis can lead to skin cancer.

You can protect your skin and your health from the get-go by applying high SPF sunscreens especially when heading out to places you know you will spend a lot of time under the sun like beaches and parks. Reapply sunscreen every two hours when possible. If you have had prolonged exposure to sun and are looking for a way to help combat photoaging on a cellular level, Celergen can help. What can it do for you? Celergen targets your cells and kick-starts the body’s natural healing and cell rejuvenation processes. The softgel supplement helps reduce wrinkles, reduce pore size and reverse the sun’s damage. Some have said that it helps revitalize their skin and make their skin glow. Celergen’s rich ingredients includes Peptide E Collagen which helps rebuild the skin layers and helps keep your skin evenly colored, supple, plus reduces unsightly roughness and more.

Don’t let the sun destroy your confidence. Always learn to take care of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.


Dr. Rene Dell-Acqua

“I am amazed in the difference in my skin. It went form dull and lifeless to radiant, hydrated and gorgeous.




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