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Celergen: Protecting Your Skin from Pollution and the Tech World
February 28, 2018

Celergen and its cell therapy protects your skin from harsh pollutants, UV rays, pollution, and blue light from electronic devices by rebuilding outer skin layers from the inside out.


What’s the danger?

The environment we live in is getting worse. Each day your skin must fight against various forms of pollutants and is exposed to more and more electronic devices that emit blue light. Beauty brands have embraced this trend and have come out with skin-care products that are appropriate for the modern world.  They’ve created everything from serums that enhance the microbiomes on your skin to serums that support/strengthen the skin barrier; and of course, give you a healthy glow.

The danger posed by these pollutants and rays is the negative impact they can have on the skin’s lipid barrier. The skin can suffer from acne, dryness, or redness. Therefore, the key to maintaining proper skin barrier function is to have healthy, hydrated skin.


What can you do?

Don’t panic. Your options have never been greater in the cosmetic market. Beauty brands have designed new products that nourish and support the important ecosystem of the skin. Rather than ridding the skin of its layers, the latest products are helping it build up its own defenses. To help fortify your skin’s natural function, they’re using the latest chemical technologies like adaptogens, bacteria, ceramides, and lipids.

Why Celergen?

Celergen does what no beauty brand can. The Peptide E Collagen and Peptide M in Celergen rebuild outer skin layers from the inside out and make your skin toned, supple and well hydrated while also reducing lines, wrinkles and roughness. The key being from the “inside” out.

By working from the inside out, Celergen stimulates your own healing powers to trigger the repair and rejuvenation of cells by providing biologically active micronutrients and other essential nutrients at the cellular level. There’s only so much your body can absorb topically. But if you’re also looking for something to apply directly onto your skin, then look no further. Celergen Serum Royale has been produced to help prevent moisture loos and treat invisible, deep seated inflammation. This allows it to repair damage by stimulating the turnover of skin cells and boosting the synthesis of collagen.


Why not both?

You want to protect yourself from pollutants in the environment, reduce lines and wrinkles, have firmer skin texture and enhanced tone, and have a complexion which is youthful and glowing.  The synergistic combination of Celergen Marine Cell Therapy Supplement and Serum Royale retards the aging process, intervening and fighting aging at the cellular level, stimulating skin regeneration and enhancing beauty. Essentially, Celergen gives you a head start on aging, helping you to hold back the years. It is never too early or late to arrest the aging of your skin by stimulating cell renewal and repair. Beauty from the inside out is crucial for sustaining and maintaining ageless beauty.




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