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Celergen’s Cell Therapy and Tips for a Glowing Complexion
November 27, 2017

Every woman, and man, desires perfect, glowing skin. We’ll do anything to keep our skin healthy and wrinkle free, from home beauty tips to Cell therapy.


Our skin is our first line of defense and is exposed to pollution and harmful sun rays daily. Additionally, stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, smoking, and alcohol consumption are major factors that contribute to making our skin rough, dry, and dull.

Here are some easy tips for glowing skin that you can follow in the comfort of your home:

  • Clean & Exfoliate – it’s important to clean your face daily but not too much. Yes, you need to remove the dirt and makeup from your face, but you shouldn’t be scrubbing it 3 times a day. Use soap free cleansers or face wipe, and don’t forget to exfoliate your face daily to remove dead cells which have accumulated on your skin.
  • Steam – steaming once a week is enough to keep your pores clean. Why is this important? Blackheads are formed due to dirty or clogged pores. Steam will open up your pores, help you to remove impurities that are deep inside, and help keep your skin hydrated. You can easily do this at home.
  • Eat Clean – you are what you eat. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and lean proteins aid the skin in retaining moisture and are effective at giving you glowing skin. Examples of foods good for your skin are almonds, salmon, soy, tofu, carrots, berries, kale, pumpkin seeds, and whole grains.


  • Get Fruity – People often overlook fruits as a direct source of good nutrition. Some of the best fruits for glowing skin are papaya, oranges, banana, guava, mangoes, and kiwi.
  • Get your Beauty Sleep – While we’re sleeping, our bodies repair damaged cells and replenishes the old ones. This is why we require 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day. Drinking a tall glass of water before you sleep can also help with fresher more hydrated skin when you wake up.


  • Clean your Makeup Brushes – dirt and oil that get leftover on your makeup brushes can cause breakouts and leave your skin anything but smooth. Make it a point to clean your brushes at least once a month.
  • Cell Therapy – Beauty from the inside out is crucial for sustaining and maintaining ageless beauty. Celergen is a potent non-injectable cell therapy that stimulates your body’s own natural healing powers to trigger the repair and rejuvenation of cells by providing biologically active micronutrients and essential nutrition at the cellular level. The peptides in Celergen rebuild outer skin layers from the inside out and make your skin toned, supple, and well hydrated while also reducing lines, wrinkles, and roughness.


With Celergen and these easy tips to maintaining your youthful and smooth skin, you’ll slow down your aging and look more beautiful than ever before. But if you’re looking for that one secret to just push you over the top, look no further. Celergen Serum Royale is a combination of natural extracts that slow down the aging process. It helps to prevent moisture loss and treat inflammation, repairing damage by stimulating the production of new skin cells, boosting production of collagen, and maintaining the skin’s healthy condition.




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