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How Celergen helps Improve Mental Health?
May 7, 2019

When talking about our overall health – it is common for people to immediately talk about fitness, energy levels and physical appearance. However – aside from these physical criterias – mental health is equally important. Emotional stability, psychological health and social well-being are just some of the factors associated with mental health.

Our mental health is shaped by numerous aspects, including but not limited to life experiences, biological status and genetic factors. Negative impact on mental health can stem from anywhere;  experiencing a major trauma or just being overly stressed. If left unattended – it can lead to irreversible changes in mood, thought processes and physical behavior. Therefore it is important to always keep your mental well-being in check.

Early Signs
1. Eating / sleeping too much or too little
2. Being drained of energy
3. Feeling anxious, confused and forgetful
4. Having severe mood swings
5. Distancing self from people / regular activities

If an individual persistently experiences any of the above symptoms – it is recommended to consult a medical professional. However – in the early stages – these symptoms can be fully reversed. Some things you can do include, changing aspects of your daily routine, exercising and getting an extra bit of rest. If you continue to experience irrational fears, anxiety, stress or feel drained of energy – Celergen can prove particularly useful.

Celergen is the World’s only Swiss marine cell therapy supplement. Studies have shown that Celergen helps to reduce anxiety and apprehension, mental fatigue, irrational fears and keeps your overall mental health in a positive state. Other than providing these mental health benefits, Celergen also helps to reduce joint pains and can help improve stamina and recovery. Just consuming a single capsule a day allows you to reap all the benefits of Celergen.



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