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What’s best for your pain?
February 2, 2017












Osteoarthritis affects tens of millions of people and is a leading cause of disability and reduced quality of life worldwide. Joint pain doesn’t just make it difficult to exercise or play sports. Joint pain can affect overall physical mobility and even daily chores and activities.

Prescription painkillers can make days bearable if you’re suffering from these conditions. It can also enable those suffering from joint pain to be able to function from day to day. But are the negative side-effects tied to pain killers worth the temporary relief they provide?

Nausea, rash, liver damage, stomach problems, kidney issues, increased risk of infection, osteoporosis, and even death, have all been shown to be side effects of prolonged use of pain medication. Any sane person looking at this list will immediately have doubts as to whether they should be using these medications or not. But people still use them, because they feel that they live and function without them.

Another issue to consider is if prescription pain medication actually works. Pain is a complex mix of l and psychological factors. There have been studies which show that when patients are in a positive frame of mind, relating to use of pain medication, they display more improvement in their conditions. Some scientists even go so far as to recommend placebo treatments. A placebo is when someone believes they are receiving a treatment but in actuality they are receiving something harmless in its place. Studies show that a lot of the time this actually works.



We’re going to let you in on a well-guarded secret. Celergen can help you begin an active, pain-free life without painkillers. Celergen is not a drug, it is the world’s only Swiss marine oral cell therapy supplement. A key ingredient in Celergen is a proprietary Cellular Marine Complex which is extracted from the DNA of deep-sea marine life. It’s a proven natural remedy to manage osteoarthritis pain effectively and naturally without any negative side effects. More than 30 years of clinical research has proven that Celergen enhances your body’s natural ability to rebuild, revitalize, and heal itself. It has also been shown to improve mood as well as banish anxiety and depression.


How is this related? If there is a natural substance that gives you the paired benefits of reducing joint pain as well as keeping you positive and happy, should it not be more desirable than medication which comes with all the risks and side-effects listed above? Let’s not forget about how addictive prescription pain medication can be, and the dangers associated with that addiction. Celergen gives people the option not only to live a rich and fulfilling life free of pain, but a life full of positivity and joy.



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