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Lupita Jones (Miss Mexico 1990)
Miss Universe 1991
“I take Celergen every day and start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong, full of energy.”
I’ve lead a very hectic and non-stop life since I became Miss Universe in 1991. I live in one of the biggest and most complicated cities in the world, Mexico City I’m a public figure and executive of one of the biggest communications companies in the world. I travel all the time and I’m always in interviews, meetings, photo shoots. I’m a mother, writer, spokesperson for different causes, and of course I have a personal life too. I take Celergen every day and start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong, full of energy and with a great attitude to continue with my “non-stop life”.
Curtis Mitchell (Elite Sprinter)
IAAF World Championship 200m Bronze Medallist
“The first thing I noticed was that I was able to recover a lot quicker from my workouts... a huge boost to my training regimen because it allows me to work harder without a drop-off in energy and really take it to the next level."
I’m feeling good no matter where I am or what I’ve had to go through to get there. But it’s not just a matter of physical strength and endurance.
Michael George
Celebrity Personal Trainer
“I now suggest that my clients reconsider all the supplements they take and reduce the long list to only Celergen.”
At my age, I had grown accustomed to having to mix up my workout regimen to allow for recovery from one day to the next as I am more than 50. Now I can do a full-blown hour-long workout, come back the next day and do it all over again. Celergen has me believing that I’m a 20-year-old in terms of my libido. It has definitely increased my performance. It is really the only product out there that is capable of addressing a multitude of areas.
Anthony Stephen
Champion Jockey
“I could feel a difference the very next day. I was more alert and organised.”
Being a jockey means you have to stay alert at all times and be able to make split-second decisions on the race track. Celergen has made me better at what I do. Now at the end of the day, instead of coming home, crashing on the couch and being exhausted, I’ve got plenty of energy to do other things I want.
Elizabeth M, London, UK
“Yes....... I have already recommended it to my friends.”
I am in my mid-fifties and a busy art dealer based in Central London, I had heard of the benefits of Celergen from an American business woman and bought one month’s supply to try. Today, I can’timagine being without it, my energy level is great, I wake more ready to face the daily challenges and since taking Celergen, I feel that the arthritis on my thumb joints are less painful. Just one more thing, my hairdresser tells me that I have lots of new hair growth on my head.
Grace Zenno, Lebanon
“I am beyond happy and I vow to continue taking Celergen forever.”
Prior to my Celergen days, people around me used to think that I am more than 30 years old. It was very distressing. However after taking Celergen for just 1 week, I experienced a tremendous increase in energy, a smoother complexion and an elevation of my moods. What delighted me most is that people started to compliment my radiant complexion and I was mistaken to be only 24 years old.
Bisimwa Voglet, Belgium
“With Celergen, I can expect a shorter recovery period to allow me to start winter training sooner that expected.”
I started Celergen 15 days after the Brussels’ marathon. The use of Celergen has absolutely shortened my recovery period and allowed me to start winter training sooner than expected. Besides my running activities, I also practice mountaineering ski and I expect to take benefit from Celergen in the next few weeks in the French Alps. As a lawyer, I can also state that I have increased my intellectual productivity to work longer hours and have better quality sleep.
Phil McCarroll, Australia
“I don’t wake up in pain anymore and my knee is getting stronger.”
My son read about it in The Robb report whilst we were skiing at Silver Star in Canada at Christmas 2013, so I ordered it to be ready for me when I returned to Australia late January 2014. I was experiencing hip and knee pain, meaning among other things I couldn’t walk the Golf Course. The hip pain was the result of a bicycle accident whilst riding behind The Tour de France in 2010, causing me to have restricted movement and wake up at nights in pain. The knee was from meniscus problems that the Doctors said was caused by my age (I am 65), wear and tear and I’d have to live with it. Well the great news is I walked the 18 holes of golf last weekend with no pain or restricted movement, I don’t wake up in pain from my hip anymore and my knee is getting stronger each day. That’ after only 6 weeks, so fingers crossed these early, amazing results will continue.
Héctor Sánchez Torres, Mexico
“Without Celergen, it is impossible for an ordinary man like me to accomplish extraordinary feats.”
As an inspirational mountain climber, I face many physical and mental challenges. Ever since I have taken Celergen, I was amazed by the recovery I experience after a formidable expedition. A mountain climbing expedition usually takes 40 to 70 days. It is easy to feel depressed and exhausted. With Celergen, I am always positive and mentally alert compared to my team mates.
Nea Wasell, Finland
“I feel better, I look better and I am feeling proud of myself.”
During the past ten years I have noticed how my body is getting older. I mean all the pain and aches you get when you train and move. It also began to disturb my mental health. Because of this I tried many different pills, vitamins etc. Nothing helped. Finally I visited a doctor last spring and guess what? I was prescribed stronger painkillers! I have rheumatoid arthritis and detritions in my spine. I have taken Celergen now for more than 26 days. When I get up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, I feel great because I do not feel any pain. I can be active all day long without feeling tired. I can stand with my high heels for hours and walk till the next day. I can use my right hand all day long — without enormous pain on my neck and shoulder. My waist is smaller and my breasts seem firmer.
Dion Friedland 69, USA
I have been using Celergen for the past year. I feel it played a significant part in my fast recovery from a major surgery in June, 2011. Six months after my surgery, I was in sufficiently good shape to compete in the World Masters Body Building Championships in Spain where I represented South Africa.
I have been using Celergen for the past year. I feel it played a significant part in my fast recovery from a major surgery in June, 2011. Six months after my surgery, I was in sufficiently good shape to compete in the World Masters Body Building Championships in Spain where I represented South Africa.
Shaun Keating, USA
Founder of Keating Dental Arts
“Every day I seem to notice a new benefit.”
I used to have acne scars from my teenage years; they’ve gone away. I used to have heartburn; not anymore. I used to suffer from insomnia; now I fall asleep like a baby. Celergen is like the gift that keeps on giving.
Suha Yenigul, Turkey
“Celergen is the reason for my improved libido... I can last longer than normal.”
After a mere 3 days of using Celergen, I feel an enormous surge in energy, my sleep quality improved as well. My overall energy and performance levels seem to last longer than normal. My girlfriend even complimented me about my improved skin and complexion. I feel great!
Rie Loo, Japan
“My skin looks brighter and my pores… less visible.”
For the first 2-3 weeks, I didn’t find any special change in me maybe because I have always been in relatively good condition. But one morning, I found that my skin texture has become smoother, brighter and my pores less visible.
Wang Furong, China
“I never expect Celergen’s benefits to manifest so quickly and with such potency.”
After only 15 days of Celergen, I am able to sleep better and wake up feeling a lot fresher and more energized than ever before. The dizzy spells I used to experience have left me and as a result now, I am more efficient and effective at work. Most importantly, Celergen helps to reduce the pain which I had experienced in my neck and back significantly.
Kim Young Ho, Korea
“Even though I am only young, Celergen is the perfect Anti-Aging Food Supplement because it invigorates me at work.”
For the first 2 weeks, I did not find any special change in me except that I was perspiring more often than before. After continued consumption of Celergen, I wake up feeling more refreshed and invigorated. I am also pleased to find that I recovered much faster after my evening exercises.
Dr. Keren Priyadarshini, India
“Celergen… is a supplement that has multi-faceted advantages.”
Having taken Celergen for just over 10 days, I must say that it is a supplement that has multi-faceted advantages. I had to conduct interviews non-stop for 8 hrs a day, 3 days consecutively, and never did I feel an iota of fatigue while taking Celergen. The following morning is always bright and fresh with no hangover of the previous day. Celergen is quite effective in helping my body cope with the daily vagaries of life keeping my energy levels at an optimum high!


Dr. Rene Dell’Acqua
Dell’Acqua Dental Studio
“I am amazed in the difference in my skin. It went from dull and lifeless to radiant, hydrated and gorgeous. I am sleeping much better and my energy throughout the day has dramatically improved. Celergen proves over and over again to be the most incredible supplement I have ever used.”
Dr. Michael Klentz
“No surgery. Celergen heals the tear on my left knee meniscus. Celergen really works wonders, by directly affecting the immune system, regenerating, rejuvenating, reducing inflammation and creating a more youthful looking, energetic personality."
Dr. Michael Hall
Hall Longevity Clinic
“There is definitely a regenerative component to Celergen. I noticed almost immediately that my skin is softer and more elastic, and my hair is fuller. I now recommend to my patients without reservations and have heard countless stories about how Celergen has improved their lives.”
Dr Bruce Lowell
“ Celergen affects different patients in different ways. Some of my male patients reported improved libido and sexual performance. While some said it helped to reduce joint pain and give them a better night’s sleep.”
Dr. Yanis Datseris
OMMA Eye Institute of Athens
“Celergen fills me with endless energy and an intense desire for life. Every day, as soon as I wake up, I start my day with a Celergen tablet/capsule. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that my new found energy and my ultra-positive attitude towards life are the most precious gifts, offered by Celergen.”
Dr. Karla Groves
“I started taking Celergen two months ago and my skin has never looked better! The dark circles and volume loss are dramatically improved! I’ve also noted significant improvement in my energy level and ability to concentrate. I no longer have headaches or allergy symptoms.”
Dr. Terry Grossman
Grossman Medical Centre
“Friends I haven’t seen in a year or so would comment; ‘You look great, so much younger. Did you have laser surgery or something?’ The only thing that had changed in my daily regimen was the addition of Celergen so I had to attribute it to that.”
Dr. Stephen Pfeifer
Integrative Wellness Centre
“I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about the cumulative benefits that will occur over time for our patients who are taking Celergen. It’s reducing inflammation and getting rid of everything from insomnia to muscle pain and fatigue.”
Dr. David Minkoff
Lifeworks Wellness Centre
“My patient who is suffering from Parkinson told me that taking Celergen is like injecting fuel in her veins. Her energy levels was so significantly increased that she was not taking her Parkinson’s medication because she felt so good.”
Dr. Thomas Tzikas
Tzikas Facial Plastic Surgery Centre
“After taking Celergen on a daily basis, I began noticing that tiredness was no longer an issue after a day’s work. It helped me push myself a little more and be more effective in my daily routine. I experienced fewer joint and muscle aches. Plus I didn’t have a craving for sweets that I sometime have and lost a little weight that needed losing. I hadn’t changed anything else in my diet or taken other supplements, so I can only attribute the change to Celergen.”
Dr. Michael Hytros
The Anti-Aging and Bariatric Clinic
“I sleep much better now and wake up with renewed energy. I believe Celergen is the best natural supplement enhancing the quality of life.”
Dr. Donovan Christie
Anwan Medical Wellness Centre
“There is an urgent need to get away from being prescription drug-dependent and focus more on the root causes of disease by getting people to commit to a wellness lifestyle. I’m very impressed how Celergen benefits patients afflicted with arthritis, chronic pain, and fatigue. One middle-aged gentleman came to us suffering from so much chronic fatigue that it was everything he could do just to leave the house."
Dr. Angelo Baccellieri
Westchester Wellness Medicine
“I have been on Celergen for about three months and have suffered chronic pain to my ankle from a fall. Now I am walking without a limp and have decreased the pain and stiffness. I no longer need to take NSAIDS or painkillers.”
Dr. Sharon Norling
Conventional and Natural Medicine
“I don’t believe in prescribing mood altering drugs. So when a natural therapy like Celergen comes along, it’s a huge gift. There are    no apparent side effects, and it can help people live their best possible lives.”
Dr. Kenneth Orbeck
Body logic MD
“My patients come in complaining about knee pain or joint swelling. After a short regime of Celergen, the pain often disappears altogether and the afflicted area shows improved range of motion and strength.”
Dr. Uzzi Reiss
Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Centre
“Celergen is a remarkable tool that can help improve our wellbeing on multiple levels. It is the Rolls Royce of supplement for the human body.”
Dr. Ghislaine Beilin, Plastic Surgeon
President of European Society Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine
“Celergen is amazing and incredible because it enhances our cell renewal and repair process as if we had hormone treatments. This significant energy boost is very similar to the administration of growth hormones and anabolic hormones. Also, the thyroid levels for my patients have improved significantly. I’m very surprised that with Celergen, the overall hormonal balance is maintained at an improved, optimal level.”
Dr. Juan Remos
Wellness Institute of the Americas
“I’ve had several male patients who, having been on Celergen for a month or two, no longer see the need to take Viagra. It gives them a renewed sense of vitality across the board.”
Dr. Eleana Papacharalambous
“After 4 days of Celergen, I can proudly proclaim that I felt more energetic, had a better quality of sleep and woke up feeling invigorated. After a month of Celergen, I noticed my skin looking more radiant than before. Another benefit that took me by surprise was the fact that I stopped feeling dizzy whenever I felt tired.”
Dr. Glen Guillet
Anti-Aging Cell Therapy of Texas
“At 74, after bypass surgery, I figured things might never get better. Enter Celergen! I no longer wear a back brace, I work 14 hours a day, and I never complain of being tired.”
Dr. Juan Remos
The Wellness Institute
“Celergen is the best natural product that I have come across since I started practicing medicine. It is definitely the next big thing for those seeking wellbeing and good health.”