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Aging is Best Fought from the Inside Out
June 19, 2018

There is a misconception that aging is only skin deep but this is far from the truth. To ensure optimal health regardless of your age, effective nutrition is a must. Exercise and healthy habits are important, but aging is best fought from the inside out, at the cellular level.

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When our cells age, we age and our quality of life is compromised. While we strive to eat healthy food there is always a possibility that not all the healthy foods or superfood we eat can be absorbed. It is known that for people over the age of 30, their digestive tracts may have deteriorated so much so that their absorption is not optimized. Without proper absorption of the micro nutrients, our body will not be able to synthesize proteins, which is a critical process for the orderly and timely functioning of our cells.

So how can you keep your body functioning at its best when it seems to be fighting you? Give your body the gift of Celergen!

What is Celergen?

It is the world’s only non-injectable Swiss Cell Therapy treatment. Celergen combats aging by stimulating your body’s own natural healing powers to repair and rejuvenate your cells. Each soft gel contains biologically active micronutrients, which are essential to boost the production of proteins and enzymes in our cells.

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How Does it Work?

Using proprietary Swiss cold extraction technology, Celergen comes in an enteric coated soft gel, thus ensuring maximum absorption regardless of age. Because it comes in a soft gel, unlike other cell therapies, Celergen’s enteric coating protects the micronutrients while passing through the stomach’s acids, allowing them to reach the small intestine where they can be absorbed into the blood stream. This allows them to be assimilated into the cells where they can get to work repairing each individual cell in your body.

Why Celergen?

Celergen is a not a drug but a health supplement which can trigger and stimulate your own body’s healing system to stimulate cellular renewal and rejuvenation, a critical process to fight aging from inside out. Made of marine soft gels, Celergen is a non-invasive and safe anti-aging option for those who aspire a healthy lifestyle filled with energy, vitality and youthful skin.



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