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What is Preventive Healthcare?
May 7, 2019

Preventive Healthcare is the practice of disease prevention rather than treatment. Typically we do not seek a doctor unless we catch a cold, have a fever or need emergency medical attention.

Preventive Medicine is different – it aims to protect the body from contracting diseases in the first place. Using an analogy, preventive medicine is like buying a protective casing for your phone rather than taking a battered phone to the repair shop.

With the global population facing an ever increasing barrage of chronic health conditions like arthritis and diabetes – staying healthy and preventing the onset of these symptoms become more and more important.

Types of Prevention
Preventive Healthcare can be largely categorized into two groups – clinical and non-clinical preventions. If you have been vaccinated or been administered a flu-shot, then you have already experienced clinical preventive medicine. In a clinical setting – the physician works closely with the patient to prevent the onset of symptoms and diseases. This type of preventive measures include actions like going for annual health check-ups and keeping blood-sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

Non-clinical preventive medicine are instances where doctors do not work closely with patients. This branch of prevention focuses on health policies, disease control, and the results of social and behavioral influences on a person. If left unchecked,
stress alone can cause depression, anxiety, and even cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, staying healthy is more than just steering clear of bacteria and viruses. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally important if not more important.

Staying Healthy
To keep your mental, physical, and psychological health in good condition – you need to make sure that you get enough sleep and quality nutrition. When the body rests – it rebuilds and repairs tissues and organs whilst recharging the immune system. Therefore, without proper nutrition and rest – the body is more prone to diseases. Give your immune system a boost by making sure you supply your body with essential nutrients and an ample amount of quality rest.

Staying active is also an important part of the equation. Whether it be a leisurely stroll down the street or a regular exercise regime – these activities will boost both your mood and metabolism. Being active can also help dial down your stress levels. However – joint pains, mental and physical fatigue can sometimes get in the way of staying active. The next time you experience such joint pains or feel sluggish – try taking Celergen!

With proven
clinical results – Celergen has been shown to reduce joint pains and swelling. Celergen is a non-injectable cell therapy food supplement, which delivers a multitude of benefits. Not only can it help with arthritic pains – Celergen can also help elevate mood and improve sleep quality. The enterically coated soft-gel capsule ensures that essential micronutrients extracted from deep, pollution free ocean water are delivered directly to your cells. Doctors from all around the world recommend their patients to take Celergen daily, to help alleviate and prevent the onset of chronic health conditions.

“Celergen is amazing and incredible because it enhances our cell renewal and repair process as if we had hormone treatments. This significant energy boost is very similar to the administration of growth hormones and anabolic hormones. Also, the thyroid levels for my patients have improved significantly.” – Dr. Ghislaine Beilin



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